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D-Day has come! =D

From today, Seventh Son is for free and unlimited listening on Bandcamp! It will also be on your favorite platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes) in the next few days. We are looking forward to having your first feedback!

Wait for the next new for the physical version, we have a delivery delay but it will not be that long!
In the meantime, you can always go to the lyrics section of the website.

Special thanks to the Ulule contributors without whom none of this would have been possible:

Christiane Simon, Christine Landreau, Cyril Monneau, Sweet Monsters, Josiane Cardineau, Paul Mankowski, Matthieu Cardineau, Léa Lenoir, André Bernard, Nadine Leclerc, David Banchereau, Amandine Jobard, Pierrette Fournier, Valentin Salmon, Marie-france Dubuisson, Céline Duhamel, Emma Potier, Thomas Colonier, Françoise Boudaud, Jean-luc Foulard, Théo Retière, Sophie Macé, Valérie Emeraud, Cédric Bigot, Thomas Barthelemy, Ophélie Roser, Christian Micheline, Lindsay Moulon, Chantal Thommerel, Cécile Gournet, Camille Maudet, Emilie Thibaudault, Société Sudcéram, Bruno Chauvigné, Jérôme Bayeux and Jean-Claude Landreau

The Onirist - 10/31/2019

Seventh Son pre-order available
Cover Seventh Son

After several months of work, here we are, the release date of our first album Seventh Son is planned for the 2019/10/31!

You can now pre-order it on Bandcamp with "Black Dreamer" in free and unlimited listening. For those who missed it, this title comes with a studio clip!

The Onirist - 2019/10/16