~ Sunset is the birthplace of dreams
But also the death of reality
Yet when the night falls, the day is only slumbering ~

- Evan -

Vocal / guitar

SUN7 founder and lead composer, he is the main creative thinking head of the band. His greatest desire is to make travel and dream his audience through his songs.
His hobby: composing huge titles in 30 minutes!


Rock progressif, Metal symphonique, Folk, Musique de film, Pop rock
Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Toto, Dire Straits, Nightwish...

- Alexis -

Guitar / backing vocal

Solo guitarist with his big pedalboard and his 70's influences, his lot of stages experience make him to be the technical big shot of SUN7.
His hobby: to make god's tapping!


Pop rock, Rock alternatif, Rock fusion, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Rock'n'roll, Musique classique
Pink Floyd, Toto, Bryan Adams, Genesis, Eric Clapton, Van Halen, The Beatles...

- Damien -


Often in the moon and fond of post-rock, he stands out for his style of melodic bass playing. He takes inspiration from his progressive influences to enrich the songs.
His hobby: to grumble about Evan's weird scales!


Post-rock, Post-metal, Pop rock, Metal, Heavy metal, Progressif
Toto, The Mission (UK), Pendragon, L'arc~En~Ciel, Marillion, ASIWYFA, Opeth, Katatonia...

- Lucas -


The "young" of the band ! At the back of his drums, he gives everything to support the formation through a strong and solid style of play taken from his many influences.
His hobby: Learn a whole set-list in 1 month!


Punk, Grunge, Rock progressif, Rock alternatif, Rap rock
Muse, Nirvana, Queen, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot...

- 2014 -
Birth of a little sun
  • Evan composes the first pieces during his years of study, which will give birth to SUN7.

  • Thanks to a mutual friend, Patrice, he meets Nicolas, a drummer who gets acquainted with these first drafts. With the idea of starting a band, they start looking for a bass player.

  • Pierre allows them to make a first stage at Lycée Sainte-Marie in Cholet where Evan studied letters...
- 2015 -
The first steps
  • Via an advertisement on the internet, they meet the bassist Romain who brings a funk touch to the band. However, he leaves the band for another project and is replaced by Mouss' for their first lives, including Artist 'ô Champ 2015.

  • Alexis joins the band as a second guitarist.

  • Mouss' who helped on the dates already planned, he leaves shortly after to let the place to Damien met via an advertisement on the internet.
- 2016 -
First EP, on road to celebrity!
  • The first EP of the band A Fleur De Peau is recorded at the Vihiers studio. It's released in June for the first summer dates.

  • Steeve joins the band and adds his synth sounds.

  • After the summer dates, band altogether polishe all pieces in repetition and are working for the next year.
- 2017 -
A difficult summer
  • Nicolas leaves SUN7 during May, he is quickly replaced by José to ensure the many dates of summer. Hard blow for the band! Anthony helps SUN7 for the Accroche-Coeurs in Angers, and Tristan for the music festival.

  • The band offers an acoustic version of their songs during the last dates of the year.
- 2018 -
Band in improvment!
  • Full projects planned for 2018, including the registration of a new album.

  • Evan goes on drums during a few concerts for a return to electric sound. Finally, Lucas as drummer will take his place soon after, thus completing the band.

  • Due to a busy schedule, Steeve leaves SUN7. The formation decides to change the group name for "The Onirist" and takes a new start.
- 2019 -
The first album
  • The Onirist dedicates this beginning of the year to the recording of his first album...